I'm always seeking out new sources of new and used parts and will update this page accordingly. If you have parts for sale or know of parts sources and want to be referenced here, please send the information and I will add it. New parts are essentially impossible, and the best sources for used parts are ebay or the Honda 600 discussion groups on Yahoo, or the three experts listed below. The links to the yahoo groups are also listed below. Please note that I personally do not have any parts for sale, and am listing these contacts strictly as a convenience.

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New Parts


It appears that Kumho has stopped production of their 10" tire, and most distributors have sold out. There may be some information in the Honda 600discussion groups on Yahoo. See the links below.

The Yokohama A008 is available in 165/70-10 size for about $90 each. This is a high performance, soft compound tire designed primarily for autocrossing and other high performance applications. BUT - it is a quality, DOT-approved 10" tire. Tire Rack and other major tire retailers carry this tire in stock.


Listed here are other sources for new and used Honda 600 parts, plus part numbers and suppliers for parts that should be available at your local auto supply store. Please note that I haven't personally tried all of these sources, or personally verified all of the part numbers. However, the information is believed to be correct - please contact me if you find any of this information to be incorrect.

Classifieds from private sellers

None currently available

Links to other Honda 600 sites and groups

Other sites of interest to Honda 600 enthusiasts. The first three are great sources of actual expertise and parts.

Miles Chappel
Bill Colford
Mike O'conner

Other interesting Honda 600 sites:

Steve's Honda Coupe
This Old Honda
Evil Tweety - Bonneville Record Holding Z600

There are two Honda 600 discussion groups on Yahoo that are valuable sources of information from other Honda 600 owners. Many of the tips that I've included on this site came from messages on those groups. They are easy and free to join.


Honda 600 Part Numbers
These are supplier part numbers that should be available through your local auto parts store.

Oil Filters
Honda original part # 15461-551-315
Superseded by 06154-551-505 Check your local Honda dealer for availabilty and price
NAPA FIL 1332 (may be discontinued)

Fan Belt
Dayco 15420
Gates 7420
Flag 42013

Rear wheel cylinder kits (2 seals and 2 boots)
Note: these are 11/16" and will not work on the 5/8" cylinders on earlier models; check which wheel cylinders you have before purchasing one of these kits
Beck Arnley 071-7461
Raybestos WK895
Wagner F100675

Front caliper (remanufactured)
Note: These are valid part numbers but are almost certainly out of production and out of stock. I have found several distributors still listing them, but none have any stock.
Cardone 19-1958 and 19-1959
Auto Specialty (TRW) 40-54081 and 40-54082

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