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The Honda 600 was the first "mass market" car sold by Honda.The N600 sedan was introduced to the US market in 1969, and the sportier Z600 coupe followed in 1971 binary options cpa affiliate.

According to one source, a total of 40,586 sedans and coupes were sold in the US for the 1970 thru 1972 model years, with the majority being sedans. Totals from the HONDA FACT BOOK state that there were 35000 Honda AN600 Sedans and 15500 AZ600 Coupes sold in the USA. Regardless of the exact number sold, very few have survived. Although the actual number of survivors is unknown, best estimates are fewer than 1000, probably more like 300 or so are in operating condition today. Bill Colford has done research on production numbers, and his conclusion is:"How many USA survivors are out there, I would have to say 600 or so Sedans and Coupes combined and maybe 300 of these are running. However, more are being restored as we speak https://iqoption.net/binary-options-affiliate."

The Honda 600 sedan (N600) and coupe (Z600) are small cars - just over 10 feet long, and weighing about 1300 pounds. Although not overpowered by any means with a two cylinder motorcycle engine with 36 cubic inches and 36 horsepower, they were actually fairly sophisticated and powerful compared with the other micro cars of the time. Some of the features that differentiated the Honda 600 were front power disc brakes, 4 speed all synchro transmission, a tachometer (coupe only), and a surprisingly spacious interior with reasonably comfortable seats. All this is true when compared with Subaru 360, Fiat 500 or 600 features. Compared with the typical US car of the time, the 600 is a tiny, cramped, underpowered car.

First imported into Hawaii only in 1969, the N600 sedan was sold on the mainland later that same year.

Honda 600 Source is intended as an information resource for Honda 600 enthusiasts, and provides reference information on these unique classic cars, and access to sources of new and used parts for Honda 600 owners. I have owned a Z600 since 1973, and learned during the recent restoration of that car that finding information and parts could be challenging . This web site is a personal project, and an attempt to collect information that I have accumulated or found from other sources forex ib program.

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Illustration from a 1972 Honda Ad
for the Z600 coupe

Quick Facts

Technically the US versions are designated AN 600 and AZ600, but most people typically drop the A.

The "Hawaiian" sported almost 20% more horsepower than the mainland version due to different camshaft and carburetor.

The 600 is a "Kei" class car in Japan, which is tightly regulated on body size and engine displacement.

The first 600 was sold in Hawaii with chassis number AN600 101355 with the latest I have found being AN600 1067245 built in Aug 1972. - Bill Colford

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